Authentic Menu

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Authentic Menu

All of our dishes from the CHINESE AUTHENTIC MENU are true original from our home cooking of GUANGDONG, HONGKONG, and SICHUAN. Try them out if you are more advanced in the food culture of Asia.
If you would like an item to be made vegan or gluten-free, please indicate in the special instructions.

西湖牛肉羹Beef Soup-Western Style

Small diced tenderly beef, and egg. fragrantly delightful.

椒盐有壳大虾 Salt & Pepper Shell on Jumbo Shrimp 

Sell on Jumbo Ocean Garden wild-caught shrimp lightly fried and high heat stir fry with our home roasted seven seasonings and fresh diced onion, pepper, Jalapenos & mixed greens.

薑葱威士几炒温哥华大蟹Dungeness Crab stir fry with Ginger & Scallion 

Dungeness crab stir fry with ginger and scallion in whiskey sauce.

酸菜干贝/鲜尤  Chinese Pickled Mustard Green 

Divers scallop stir fry with Chinese pickled Muster Green with fresh garlic, it brings you a good appetite, a light sweet and sour dish.

豉椒干贝/鲜尤 Scallop or Calamari w.Black Bean Sauce

Divers scallop or Calamari stir fry with Chinese black bean and some other fresh mix greens, It’s a great taste of Chinese street food flavor.

淸蒸//鲜炸本地海鱼 Steamed or golden fried local fresh catch   

Steamed. Top with ginger, scallion, and soy sauce. 

Fried to golden. Served with your choice of Spicy Szechuan sauce, spicy Hunan sauce, black bean sauce, Vietnamese fish sauce, or sweet & sour sauce.

豉汁牛百叶 Beef Tripe Black Bean Sauce 

Think cut Beef Tripe Steamed then stir fry with Chinese black bean sauce. It’s a great flavor of Chinese country food.

薑葱牛百叶Beef Tripe Steamed with Ginger Scallion

Think cut Beef Tripe Steamed then stir fry with ginger and scallion, it’s a light and mild dish. 

黑椒铁板牛柳 Sizzling Black Pepper Steak Kew 

Bite-size cut (Rib Eye) steak high heat pan-seared with black pepper and light ketchup satay onion served on a hot sizzling plate. 

荔芋南乳火鸭煲 Hot Pot-Fragrant Roasted Duck & Taro 

Roasted duck braised with taro and some good amount of well-seasoned liquid at a lower temperature until softly well-done.

柱侯牛根腩煲 Hot Pot-Beef Brisket & Tendon Braised in an Aromatic Spice 

Braised in an aromatic spice liquid till soft and tender, served with some fresh veggies in a clay hot pot, a stew dish juicy and flavorful.

酸菜牛肉Beef with Chinese Pickle Muster Green

Slices soft and tender Flanks steak stir fry with Chinese pickle muster green, lightly sweet, sour.

酸菜豆腐排骨煲 Hot Pot-Rib with Tofu & Chinese Pickle Mustard Green 

Cut to bite-size spare rib braids with Chinese Pickle Muster Green and fried tofu in a good amount of delicious sauce served in a clay hot pot.

Soy sauce chicken豉油鸡

(Call in advance 24hr)    Marinated in herb spices soy sauce. Flavourful, appetizing & comforting, soy sauce chicken is a classic dish that can be served in many delicious ways.  Soy sauce chicken, also known as (See Yao Gai)豉油鸡

咖喱鸡煲 Hot Pot- Chicken with Curry with Potato 

Bone-in and skin-on cut pieces of chicken braised with potato in a good amount of Portuguese-style spicy yellow curry sauce served in a clay hot pot.

香菇豆腐鸡煲Hot Pot- Chicken with Shiitake Mushroom

Bone-in and skin-on cut pieces of chicken braised with fried tofu and Shiitake mushrooms in a good amount of flavorful sauce served in a clay hot pot.

海鲜豆腐煲 Hot Pot-Seafood with Tofu 

Lobster tail, fish filet, shrimp, scallop, calamari with soft tofu braised together in a white wine sauce, a very tender mild hot pot dish. 

广东明炉烧鸭 Cantonese Style Roasted Duck 

Roasted duck bone in skin on, served with Hoisin sauce.

四川麻辣水煮鱼片 Sichuan Angry Fish Stew ……MP

Fresh tendre fish filet poached in the seasoned water with fried garlic, ginger, spring onion, beansprout add SiChuang chili bean paste, and chili with dry chilies and peppercorns. Sichuan Boiled fish is tasty and super addictive.

各式时蔬 Chinese Veggie (Snow Peas Tip, Bok Choy, Chines Broccoli

Choose one of our Chinese Authentic Veggies to stir fry with garlic or with oyster sauce. You can add fried Tofu, shiitake mushroom… it’s will be an extra charge.

枝竹羊肉煲 Hot Pot-Lamb w. Shiitake Mushrooms 

Lamb leg meat, bamboo shoot, water chestnuts braised with special Authentic Chinese dry herb, finished with soaked overnight shiitake mushrooms and Chinese green in a stew style. 

火爆肥肠/酸菜 大肠煲 Hot Pot Pork Intestine 

Cooked Soft and tender pork intestine. The Szechuan hot spicy style is served on a hot sizzling plate with pepper, onion, black bean, and hot chillis.

红烧肉 Hot Pot-Hong Shao Pork Belly

Hong Shao Rou-Chinese Su style braised pork belly with water chestnut, bamboo shoot, shiitake mushrooms, and bokchoy.


 *Most of the items could change to Vegan, Vegetarian, or Gluten-free, let us know what we can help with your order.