Small Bites/Soup/Salad

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    Egg Roll 

    Pork & veggies, fried.

    Vegetable Spring Roll 

    Veggies with rice wrap, crispy 

    Summer Roll 

     2 Pieces, fresh makes to order. Pork & shrimp rice noodle, and vegetable mixture, Rolled in rice paper, served with peanut dipping sauce. (GF, VGNO)

    Vietnamese Spring Roll 

    Chicken, veggies, rice noodles with rice wrapper fried crispy served with fish sauce.

Chicken Dumplings  

Pan Fried or Steamed, our fresh homemade dough & handcraft with Chicken & veggies.

    Fried Gyoza 

    This is Japanese-style deep-fried dumplings wrapped in a thin crispy skin with Pork & veggies. 

    Korean Pot-Stickers 

    Beef & Pork mixed with veggies fried crispy.  (OP-Vegetarian available)

Korean BBQ Ribs 

    Cut small pieces, lightly battered and deep-fried, then coded with spicy Korean BBQ sauce. 

    Shrimp Shui Mai 

     Fresh hand-pounded shrimp wrapped with glassy skin, steamed freshly, serve with dumpling sauce.

    Grilled Beef on A Stick 

    Juicy tender flank steak meat fully marinated no sauce needed. 

    Grilled Satay Chicken 

    Chicken breast meat well marinated, grilled, and coded with creamy peanut butter sauce.

    Chicken Wings 

Thai Chili or Korean BBQ

    Sweet Western BBQ

    Shrimp Tempura 

 Jumbo shrimp and mixed veggies, bettered with Japanese panko, then deep-fried crispy, serve with spicy mayo sauce.(Vegetarian available Sub TOFU for SHRIMP)

    Crab Rangoon 

    Canadian snow crab meat makes with cream cheese & wrapped in a thin glassy skin then fried crispy.

Thai Crispy Calamari 

    Lightly battered and deep fry quickly in high-hit vegetable oil, then stir fry. crispy and spicy.  (Vegetarian available Sub TOFU  $12 for CALAMARI)

   Dumpling Sampler-For two 

    Five different dumplings combined into a platter: fried Gyoza, potstickers, Shui Mai, Shrimp dumplings, shark fin dumplings, a total of 20 small pieces. 

*Most of the items could change to Vegan, Vegetarian, or Gluten-free, let us know what we can help with your order.


*Most of the items could change to be Vegetarian, Vegan, or Gluten-free. However some of our dishes contain eggs, so please specify your indication to let us know how you would like your order to be prepared. if you want to omit the eggs in your entrees that you preferred.

    Rice Bistro Jiaozi Tang 

    Dumplings, Veg. Shrimp, Chicken & Pork mix. (OP-GF, VGT, VGN  AVAILABLE )

    Velvet Corn Soup ······Chicken or Seafood

   Chicken or seafood with cream corn and egg, light flavor, and creamy. (Vegetarian available)

    Wonton Soup 

     Pork wonton in a flavorful fresh makes chicken broth with a couple of slices of roasted pork and Bokchoy.

    Egg Drop Soup 

     Plenty of snowy looked of egg in a silky chicken broth with potato starch.  

Hot & Sour Soup 

Spicy. mix veggies and soft tofu with light egg.

Thai-Tom Yum Goong 

Spicy; it is a Tomato base and tangy flavor; chicken or shrimp with lime, lemongrass, onion, and other green vegs. (OP-GF, VGT, VGN  AVAILABLE )

    Thai-Seafood Coconut Lemon Grass Soup 

Sweet and creamy; it has chicken or seafood with green veg. lime, lime leaves, lemongrass, and very rich coconut milk. (OP-GF, VGT, VGN  AVAILABLE )

    Japanese-Miso Soup 

*Most of the items could change to Vegan, Vegetarian, or Gluten-free, let us know what we can help with your order.


Thai-Yum Nau 

   Sliced flank steaks grilled, mixed with cucumber, tomatoes, bell peppers, powder roasted rice, & onion on a bed of mixed green.

Thai-Yum Woo Sem 

    Tasty bean thread seasoned with chicken, shrimp, onion, &
lime juice served with mixed green.

Viet-Goi Tom Ga 

    Shrimp & Juliane chicken. Shredded cabbage salad fresh
herbs, lime juice, fish sauce.

  Kani Salad 

Shredded crab meat mixed with shredded cucumber and homemade spicy mayo sauce, topped onion, and sesame seeds. 

  Seaweed Salad 

   House Salad 

   A mix of fresh house salad Served with ginger dressing. 

   Kim Chi 

   Fermented spicy cabbage

  Daikon Pickle

  White radish and carrots -pickled   

*Most of the items could change to Vegan, Vegetarian, or Gluten-free, let us know what we can help with your order.