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   Choice: Shrimp, Beef, or Chicken 

                 Seafood add $6.00

    Pad Thai ······12

    A well known street food cooked in a mildly  spicy sweet tamarind sauce.

Tom Yum Ramen ······12

   Tom Yum Soup & Ramen noodle.

Thai Basil Fried Rice ······12

   Spicy jasmine rice sautéed with Julienne fresh peppers & onions in a spicy  basil sauce.

Drunken Noodle ······14

    Spicy fried wide rice noodle.

    Pad See Ew ······14

     Another favorite among Thai noodles with sweet soy sauce.

    Pad Woo Sen ······12

    Choice of above Clear Noodle

   Pineapple Fried Rice ······12

   Sautéed with a touch of curry & cumin with tomato, & other fresh garden veggies 

   Shrimp Paste Fried Rice ······12


   Choice: Seafood, Shrimp, Beef, or Chicken

Red Curry ······15

Green Curry ······15

Panang  Curry ······15

   Red (with Pineapple), Green (with Mango), Panang (with potato)                       

   and simmered in red pepper, onion, sliced bamboo, coconut milk, and lemon grass. 


   Choice of meat or seafood sautéed in a sweet & spicy basil sauce garnished with cashew nuts.

Seafood ······18

Shrimp ······14

Duck ······18

Beef ······14

Chicken ······12



   Thai Mango Sticky Rice w.Coconut……7

   Fried Ice Cream ……7

   Fried Chinese Custard Bun (6) ……5

   Fried Sugar Donuts w.Coconut Cream (12) ……5

   Malai Sponge Cake ……6

   Ice Cream ……5

   Sesame Balls (10) ……5