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    A favorite of all Vietnamese soup: beef broth, served with lime, basil, bean sprout, hot         chili to make this a delicious refreshing noodle soup.

   Special (Da Bict) ······13

   Brisket (Nam) ······13

   Rare Flank (Tai) ······12

   Beef Ball (Bo Vien) ······11


   Choice of thin egg noodle or clear noodle in a tasty heartwarming chicken broth.

   Shrimp Wonton ······13

   Seafood ······16

   Thap Cam (Combo) ······14

   Chicken (Ga) ······12

   Duck (Vit) ······16

BUN (Dry Rice Noodle Plate)

Steamed dry rice noodle, served with your choice of grilled meat or seafood on top with a side of Vietnamese pickle salad, and a bowl of tangy fish sauce.

   Grill Steak (Bo Xao) ······16

   Shrimp (Tom) ······14

   Pork (Thit Nuong) ······12

   Chicken (Ga) ······12

   Bun Cha Gio ······12

   Bun Bo Hue (Soup) ······12

   Spicy lemongrass & fresh herb soup that will guarantee wake up your taste bud.



    Traditional rice plate served same method of the dry rice noodle bowl & the Vietnamese      style fried rice. Prepared with fresh Veg. & Herb. 

   Grill Steak (Bo Xao) ······16

   Shrimp (Tom) ······14

   Pork (Thit Nuong) ······12

   Chicken (Ga) ······12

   Com Chien Thap Cam ······13

   Bistro fried rice (Beef, chicken, Shrimp)    

   Com Chien Seafood ······15

   Bistro Seafood fried rice